Because of our Lekitacare angels Gene was able to spend the last months of his life in his own home, in his own bed and his sofa, and eating exactly what he wanted to have at exactly the time he wanted to. With his numerous health problems, that could not have happened without our angels. They all were so sweet and encouraging and knew how to make him happy and comfortable.
Vicki Langley

Lekita & her team of care givers made it possible for me to bring my husband home for 2 1/2 months before he died. He was lovingly cared for & provided me with grace & strength. It was a very spiritual time for our family. I'll never forget them.
Martha Coffey

Lekita first assesses their patients needs and then delivers compassionate and exceptional services that address both the physical and emotional requirements. In a very short time, they bond and become a part of the "extended family". Impressively attentive.
Gregory Poole, Jr.

Calling Lekita ended up giving me a sense of having a fairy godmother over my shoulder...when all my energy was gone, here comes Lekita....
Suzanne McKinney

Lekita was there to support me and my family following my back surgery. Their care allowed my husband to get much needed rest while all of my needs were being met. The caregivers from Lekita were competent, sensitive, loving and caring. Their support made my transition so much better. We could not have done this without them.
Ida Terbet

I am grateful for the professional and courteous service Lekita provided me following a recent back surgery. They assisted me in the hospital and at home, and I found them dependable, flexible, considerate and dedicated. Their presence gave my family and me freedom and peace of mind. I highly recommend them.
Carolyn Holding

Even in her nineties, my mother was fiercely independent and struggled with allowing "strangers" in her home to help care for her. Over the years she progressed from needing part-time help to 24 hour care.

Lekita understood her concerns, and, while guiding us through each step of mother's care, carefully chose caretakers with perfect personalities for the job. My mother grew fond of these women who helped care for her. My mother received exceptional care from kind, gentle, respectful, compassionate caretakers who treated her with dignity. Our family found a friend in Lekita who helped us keep our mother comfortably at home, on her schedule, and in charge of her own life. You can trust Lekita to take care of your whole family. Knowing that her team would be there through ice storms, hurricanes or hospital stays gave our family great peace of mind. Lekita listens. She's available 24 hours a day to hear any concerns, and to talk through any issues or to address any change in care.
Jean Martin

Lekitacare has been our ANGEL in giving competent and loving care to many of my family members. We have called on them for several different scenarios, and in each case they gave kind and expert care...fitting into our family and attending all of our needs. I do not know what we would have done without these very special people, taking care of us during a very stressful time.
Celeste Allen

My brother and I want to thank you and the caregivers you provided for the wonderful care you gave our father over the past three years. Each caregiver was very professional, patient, and caring. We considered them almost as family members with the good relationship we had with them. They appropriately handled the different phases of his failing health with great skill and empathy. We never went a day with any glitch in continuity in their help in taking care of our father in very difficult times. Even in severe weather, you made sure that help was always there. We could always depend on your very capable and caring help and oversight in his health care needs. I would highly recommend you and your staff to anyone who needed care for their loved ones. Thank you again for all your help.
Ann E. Campbell and Bobby Edgerton

I can't say enough good things about Lekita and the ladies she employs. They cared for my mother with great love and affection for many years. If my mother told me of a problem, Lekita was immediately responsive, and if the ladies had a concern about my mother, I was kept informed. The communication lines were always open.

They made my mother's final declining years so much more comfortable than I could have ever done, and I was freed from the burdens of full-time caregiving so I could enjoy my mother's last years.
Belle Long

I am happy to sing the praises of Lekitacare. I experienced a terrible fall in May which required surgery on my wrist and both kneecaps followed by three weeks in Rex rehab before I came home. Without the use of all but one hand, I needed help when I came home. A friend had recomended her friend, Lekita, so my husband contacted her and I was beautifully cared for until I could manage by myself. At first I had twenty-four hour coverage, reducing it as I became more able. During this time I was cared for by five lovely ladies. They did everything from awakening me in the morning, helping with my shower and helping prepare meals. They "covered the house" while I rested and regained my strength. These ladies were educated, fun to be with and became true friends. I could not recommend any service more sincerely.
Margery Johnson

We had a family member who was the recipient of care for several years from More Than Nurses, now Lekitacare.

I cannot recommend Ms. Lekita Essa's service highly enough. All of her personnel were skilled—patient, reliable, and compassionate. They related to our family member on a personal level and were genuinely concerned about her happiness and well-being.

Ms. Essa takes all of the scheduling out of the client's hands and ensures the reliable attendance of all her caregivers.

I would not hesitate to use Lekitacare again should the need arise.
Dr. Hubert Haywood

An excellent source for multi talented health care personnel who are capable, caring, companionable, and cheerful—exceedingly well supervised....
Dr. Albert Edwards

We are thankful for the excellent service provided to us when both my wife and I were recovering from surgery. Night and day, Lekita Essa continually checked with us to see what we needed and made sure that her staff was providing it, competently and with kindness.
Murphy Evans